We offer regularly scheduled workshops and provide written information, using group activities, videos, and computers to enhance learning and comfort. Although all workshops are separate sessions, and can easily be attended as required, we strongly suggest participation in all, as information is closely linked from one to the other. Please speak with our staff to determine which workshops will best meet your needs. Our workshops feature the right combination of information and resources to ensure you get the best results for your job search efforts.


Our workshops by title:


  • Career Planning

  • Competitive Job Search Strategies

  • Disability in the Workplace 

  • Exploring Self-Employment as a Career Option

  • Workplace Sucess

  • Interviews Part 1-2

  • Labour Market Information (General & Specific)

  • Coping with Job Loss & Managing Change

  • Resumes For Results 

  • Self-Esteem 

  • Skills Development Orientation

  • Social Media & Job Search

  • Stress Management

  • Transferable Skills

  • The Confident Job Seeker

  • SMART Goals

  • Virtual Interviews

  • Personality Dimensions 


Opportunity Place Workshops:


Career Planning

Choosing a satisfying career will depend on how well you develop a self-inventory by evaluating your skills, abilities, interests and work values.

Our Career Planning workshop can answer the big questions:

• How do I know I've chosen the right career path?
• What are my main employability strengths?
• How can I recognize and overcome barriers?
• How do I get where I want to be?

Competitive Job Search Strategies

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes and gain insight on how jobs are filled in today’s labour market.

Find out about the hidden job market and how to get your foot in the right doors. 

Disability in the Workplace

This workshop provides helpful tips for disclosing a disability to an employer and requesting workplace accommodations.  The rights and responsibilities of employees and employers are also discussed.

Exploring Self-Employment as A Career Option

Have you ever thought of creating your own employment?  Knowledge is power!  In participating in the workshop, you will be introduced to:

• Pro’s and Con’s of Self Employment

• Steps in exploring Self Employment

• Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

• Tools to determine if you are ready

• Self Employment tools and resources

Workplace Success

Learn how to maintain employment and be successful in the workplace.

Gain a better understanding of employer expectations and the qualities required to be a successful employee.

Interviews (2 Part Workshop) - So You Have an Interview, Now What? (Part 1) & Interviews With Impact (Part 2)

Open, manage & close an interview – learn appropriate responses to difficult interview questions.

Learn how to respond with confidence to behavioural and situational interview questions.

Labour Market Information (General & Specific)

Knowledge is power! Examine trends in the labour market to make informed decisions regarding your job search and employment path.

Coping with Job Loss & Managing Change

Examine how change affects employability and develop strategies to cope with the challenges of being between jobs. 

Resumes for Results

Write a visually appealing, targeted resume that will get noticed by employers. Learn about resume formats and tips on how to market your skills.

Strategies on matching your skills to a job advertisement, and producing cover letters that better highlight your skills and abilities



How to sell yourself; measuring your self esteem, self-esteem boosters and busters; the process of building self-esteem.


Skills Development Orientation
This session provides an overview of the funding programs available through Employment Nova Scotia.

Learn about program requirements to assist you in making informed decisions regarding employment and training activities.


Social Media & Job Search

Learn the role of social media as a way to connect with companies and employers.

This workshop provides an overview of how to use social media effectively in your job search to uncover potential job leads.

Stress Management

What are the warning signs and impacts of stress? Assess how well you manage stress and learn ways to improve.

This workshop will also discuss priorities and time management strategies.

Transferable Skills

Identifying your transferable skills will support your resume development and help define and expand your job search.

This will enable you to explore alternative work options related to your current skills.

The Confident Job Seeker

Learn how to gain self-confidence that will create positive impacts in your life. Using discussions and exercises, learn the sources of low self-confidence and the

steps for building self-confidence.


A successful job search is more than knowing what you want to do, you need a plan to get there. SMART goals put you on the path to success by creating clarity, focus and intention for reaching your ideal career. 

Virtual Interviews

New to virtual interviewing? We can help you prepare! Learn tips and strategies for the technical set-up, professional presentation and planning for the unexpected.