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Posting titleIncident Investigation Manager

Position profileIncident Investigation Manager Lead important injury and accident investigations (FRA major accidents, amputations, fatalities, and incidents with potentially severe consequences). Work autonomously to develop program documents to support the new incident investigation program, such as policies, standards, templates, training material, and guidance documents. Review investigations into lower severity incidents for completeness and consistency. Coach and provide feedback to Senior Leaders (T200). Deliver training and coach investigators of lower severity incident investigations. Identify trends in incident causes. Major Responsibilities

1. Lead Important Injury and Accident Investigations

  • Lead a team of up to 10 experts to determine causes and develop corrective actions for serious incidents including FRA major accidents, fatalities, amputations, and potentially serious incidents.

  • Possible short notice for travel to derailment/injury location

  • Use Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) to determine incident causes.

  • Develop actions that will sustainably prevent the incident from recurring in the business.

  • Lead the team to write the incident investigation report documenting the output of the investigation.

2. Develop Investigation Documents

  • Revise existing standard for incident investigations

  • Develop guidelines for conducting all levels of incident investigations

  • Develop training materials for lower severity and derailment incident investigations

  • Develop templates for all levels of incident investigations

  • Develop detailed checklists for conducting derailment investigations

  • Work with web-based training provider to create web-based training for the lease serious investigations.

  • Provide input on requirements for software application to support incident reporting and investigation.

3. Review lower level investigations

  • Each of the 3 Investigation Managers will be assigned a region (West, East, or South). Review lower severity incident investigations in their region for completeness, quality, and assure that corrective actions will prevent recurrence.

  • Provide recommendations for opportunities for broader learning from incidents throughout the CN Network.

4. Develop capability of investigators

  • Deliver classroom training for completing less serious incident investigations

  • Coach incident investigators to deliver quality investigation reports

5. Incident Cause Trend Analysis

  • Categorize causes from incident investigations

  • Develop trend analysis for management to identify themes.

  • Recommend actions to address themes not addressed by specific actions from individual incident investigations.


  • Critical thinking skills, ability to apply cause and effect logic to failures

  • Courage to challenge operations on existing practices that are not sufficient to prevent incidents.

  • Excellent organization and written communication skills

  • Facilitation skills to lead group of subject matter experts in applying root cause failure methodology to determine causes of serious incidents

  • General understanding of rail operations


  • Technical degree (e.g. engineering) or professional safety certification preferred


  • Bilingual (preferred)


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