Compass Canada - 2nd Cooks and Stewarts

2nd Cooks Qty 2 (inclusive for rotations) 1 on at all times

Stewards Qty 16 (inclusive for rotations) 8 on at all times

Work Rotation 56 on/56 off based out of Halifax

Below are the certs they require

All Staff must be Canadian, speak English and that hold valid Canadian passports, qualified as chefs/cooks and assistants who shall prepare and serve meals on board the Vessel to Federal Fleet, and ESS Support Services employee’s licensees, guests and agents as well as their respective employees all as per Food Specification. All ESS staff to possess STCW – Basic Safety, Security Awareness for Mariners (STCW), Domestic Vessel Safety (MED DVS) and any additional training/certifications that are necessary. All training to be conducted by an approved training provider.

ESS Support Services personnel shall at all times hold valid course - and training certificates/qualifications.

All ESS employees must possess a current Marine Medical, Marine Basic First Aid and CPR and WHIMS training.

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