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Mechanics A inspect service, trouble-shoot and repair mobile railroad maintenance equipment. They work in shop and field environments. Mechanics A: · Provide service support to equipment while working on the track · Coach and assist operators with daily inspections and maintenance · Monitor performance of equipment to maintenance requirements in a proactive manner · Perform breakdown maintenance in an expeditious manner · Perform physical work, outdoors including extreme weather conditions · Work shifts, holidays, weekends and various cycles, usually away from home this position. Mechanics A are typically assigned to specific gangs and follow them throughout the work season. Gangs travel and work anywhere within the Maritimes. · Living allowance is provided for expenses while working away from home. · Mechanics A require a basic knowledge of: · Mechanical systems of heavy equipment, including: · Diesel engines · Gas engines · Hydraulic systems · Pneumatic systems · Electrical systems. In addition, Mechanic A are expected to: · Have a basic understanding of computers. · Understand and apply mechanical principles. · Comprehend the condition of mechanical components for wear and/or defects. · Be committed to maintain trade standards and qualifications by staying current with product development and technology. · Identify and correct unsafe conditions. Other job requirements include: · Current and valid driver's license. · Qualification to perform electric and acetylene welding. · Ability to work away from home residence on various work cycles. · Possession of basic mechanical tools. Requirements: - completion of a post-secondary program of study for maintenance and repair of heavy equipment, i.e. Heavy Equipment Technician, Motive Power Technician, Diesel Technician

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