Rockstar Executive Assistant

Rockstar Executive Assistant

Mark and Leslie are the co-owners of Trampoline Branding. They have ambitious plans. But they can’t do it by themselves. That’s not a putdown of them – it’s just a reality.

Then, one day, they saw this quote: “A good executive assistant is like an air-traffic controller for your life.” And it really resonated with them. “That’s what we need,” they said. “Someone who can help us manage not only the intricacies of the office, but all the collisions between work, family, clients, social obligations, and more.”

So, they’ve asked us to help them find what they call a “Rockstar Executive Assistant.” This is a big order to fill but here is what they are looking for:

You have a helper’s heart. This is the foundation for everything. You must want to serve the company and the owners. No task is too big or too little for you.

You anticipate needs. Anyone can take direction. But a rockstar EA is already moving in the right direction. Once you get to know them, Mark and Leslie need you to read their minds; see in advance what they need; and take the appropriate action.

You master the calendar. Mark and Leslie live and die by their calendars. Deadlines, appointments, meetings, social obligations, presentations, calls – your job is to make sure these moving parts don’t crash into each other and that they don’t miss anything.

You know what’s on their plate. Mark and Leslie have a lot on the go. You have to know everything they’re dealing with and what’s important – and not. Then keep them moving in the right direction, making sure they focus on high-value activities and decline or delegate the rest.

You’re not a wall flower. You can’t be shy. Mark and Leslie need you to assert yourself to help them.

You respect confidentiality. You will have access to all sorts of personal, company and client information. It’s critical you have integrity and discretion in everything you do.

You have great communication skills. You will help facilitate communication in the company – especially if it’s bottlenecked at the top. Whether it’s email, calls, or other communication, your job is to accelerate response times and keep the messages moving.

You protect their personal time. Remember, you’re the air-traffic controller for their whole life. You understand that supporting their personal lives lets them maximize their professional time.

Sound like you? If so, do some research on the firm and write us a letter explaining how you can be the Rockstar Executive Assistant they need. You can attach a resume as well. You can email this information to us at, quoting project number 1712 in the subject line.


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