Lunch Monitor

Lunch Monitor – School Administration

Scope of Responsibilities

The Lunch Monitor provides support and assistance to students for lunchtime activities. The Lunch Monitor will oversee students in a variety of settings including the classroom, lunch area, and outside play areas. The lunch monitor may be required to use a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities together with effective strategies to help provide quality support to students during the noontime break. The Lunch Monitor works in a team environment and reports directly to the School Principal or designate.

Competencies Required

A Lunch Monitor shall have the following competencies:

  1. The ability to supervise children in a variety of settings;

  2. The ability to treat all students in a respectful, responsible and fair manner;

  3. The ability to demonstrate appropriate responses to student initiated interactions;

  4. The ability to demonstrate fair and sound judgement when coping with chaotic or conflict situations;

  5. The ability to take direction;

  6. The ability to monitor and employ standard health practices when dealing with food items;

  7. The ability to apply knowledge, experience and commitment in the areas of race relations, cross cultural understanding, human rights and diversity;

  8. The ability to work & communicate effectively within the Halifax Regional School Board including parents, staff and students;

  9. The desire and ability to engage in skills upgrading;

  10. The ability to maintain confidentiality as the norm in all issues related to students, parents and school.


  1. Experience working with children and/or youth;

  2. First Aid training considered an asset;

  3. A current Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry clearance as well as a Vulnerable Sector Search

Specific Job Components

A Lunch Monitor shall perform tasks as are assigned by the Principal or designate. These tasks may vary, from time to time, with the evolution of the organization and may include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Supervise students to ensure a safe environment;

  2. Provide feedback on his/her observations of students to the Principal;

  3. Assist students getting ready for outside play and/or activities;

  4. Assist students with getting ready for lunch (i.e. warming food if a microwave is available);

  5. General clean-up/pick-up after lunch (not to interfere with or replace custodial tasks);

  6. May be required to distribute medication under standard procedures at the direction of the Principal;

  7. Oversee outside play and/or activities;

  8. Other duties as required.

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