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Labour Market Information

On this site youth can search job descriptions, employment prospects, wages and salaries for selected careers and compare occupations. The site provides access to information about the labour market all across Canada but also provides information on local regions.


Social Insurance Numbers

This site provides the SIN application as well as information about the documentation required for an application.


Public Service Commission Recruitment

Information about the Federal Student Work Experience Program as well as job opportunities in the Federal public service.


Phoenix Youth

Offers at risk and homeless youth, ages 12-24, the opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and find a path from the street.


Young Canadians Youth Services


Information about programs and services available to youth.



This site provides information on more that 1700 post-secondary institutions. It is easy to search by school or by program and also provides access to information about scholarships, career planning and financial advice.



Provides information about apprenticeship and training options in Nova Scotia.


Food Handlers

Anyone who is interested can enhance their knowledge of food safety.


St John Ambulance First Aid

This website has a link to an online calendar citing all dates that courses are offered all across the province. Easy to navigate and find information such as when and where courses are being held.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Canada's National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety information ( CCOHS )

National Educational Association of Disabled Students

This site provides information on post-secondary education that is specifically tailored to students with disabilities. For example, there is information on financial assistance programs and a networking tool to communicate with other students with disabilities.


Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

With locations in communities across Nova Scotia, the DCS can be a valuable resource for us. Their website provides general information about what services they provide and to whom; however, you may want to contact them if there is an office in your area to explore opportunities for partnerships.


Employment Rights

Resources for employment rights in Nova Scotia.


Money and Budgeting

This website has a wealth of information concerning the process of filing income taxes as a student. It has links to the necessary forms and pages dedicated to walking you through the process.


BMO Brain Money

A great calculator which requires one to have estimated (or real) numbers to figure out costs of living and what kind of money a student will need to get through a regular school year.

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