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Opportunity Place Board of Directors Recruitment

Board Member Recruitment


Opportunity Place Resource Association (OPRA), the sponsor of Opportunity Place a Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre, is actively seeking individuals who have the required abilities and commitment to serve on the Board of Directors.

The mission of Opportunity Place Resource Association is to provide quality, accessible and inclusive employment assistance services tailored to meet the needs of job seekers and employers in Nova Scotia.

A robust community of meaningful employment relationships

Core Values
Respect, Growth, Encouragement, Energy, Flexibility, Collaboration

OPRA provides a safe and inclusive environment respecting and valuing diverse individual needs.

OPRA clients have the tools and resources and are appropriately prepared to become employed as part of a skilled workforce throughout the community.

OPRA is a partner in the community known for its example of good governance and community minded approach to meaningful employment and volunteer work.

As a not for profit organization, OPRA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which is representative of the community. OPRA is committed to respecting, fostering, and supporting diversity and inclusion at Opportunity Place within its  leadership and governance. The board believes that respect must be demonstrated by its leadership.  Diverse and inclusive perspectives in decision making produce better decisions.  A board which reflects the
diversity of the many networks, groups, and communities within a framework of respect, equity, sensitivity, and competency in all aspects will be more effective in serving and working within those communities.


The OPRA Board of Directors believes that a truly inclusive organization benefits all stakeholders. Benefits include better partnerships, enhanced accountability, greater resources and an enhanced reputation.

We are committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive Board of Directors through equitable participation and encourage the submission of applications from Indigenous Peoples, African Canadians and other racially visible persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who may be underrepresented because of ethnicity, culture, language,  religion, sexual orientation,
gender identity, or gender expression. We value the representation of citizens of all ages.

What does an OPRA Board Member need to have?
Potential volunteer board members require superior vision, leadership skills, and linkages with the community, as well as should share in the vision of OPRA. They should also bring solid skill sets (e.g., communications, financial, strategic planning, etc.) to benefit the organization as a whole. Finally, they should be prepared to work collaboratively with other board members, as well as all stakeholders.

What is in it for me?
As an OPRA board member, you would have the opportunity to further hone your skills set and gain valuable governance experience. You would have a part in creating the path the organization will take into the future. In short, besides the opportunity for significant individual personal growth, you will also be instrumental in the growth of our organization and its mandate
within our area.

I am interested!  What do I do now?
If the opportunity to serve on the OPRA Board of Directors interests you, we would like to meet and discuss this exciting opportunity with you and get to know you. We ask you to provide a brief statement on why you are interested in our organization and how you see yourself making a contribution to our organization.

• What will you bring to the board of the OPRA? (Area of expertise, skills, interests, values, accomplishments etc.)

• Identify a maximum of 10 key words that describe your area(s) of expertise.

• Please include a short biography and include resume/curriculum vitae if available


Please submit your statement of interest to