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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Opportunity Place (OPRA) Board of Directors is committed to respecting,  fostering and supporting diversity and inclusion at Opportunity Place within its leadership and governance. OPRA believes that respect must be demonstrated by its leadership. Diverse and inclusive perspectives in decision making produce better decisions.


An organization which reflects the  diversity of the many networks, groups, and communities within a framework  of respect, equity, sensitivity and competency in all aspects will be more effective in serving and working within those communities.

Opportunity Place staff are approachable, helpful, patient and believe in the value of career planning. All career development staff demonstrate competencies outlined in the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.


Staff members periodically attend professional development conferences, seminars and workshops to keep abreast of knowledge and practices necessary to work in the career development field.

Opportunity Place Career Resource Centre was established July 1, 2001 to support those experiencing difficulties in entering and maintaining meaningful employment in the communities of Bedford/Sackville and surrounding areas. Though our programs and services, we are helping people achieve their career and educational goals.


Opportunity Place Career Resource Centre is designed to be a seamless experience of "single window service delivery" addressing the employability needs of residents in the Bedford/Sackville catchment area. Over the years, Opportunity Place CRC has provided individuals with expertise and resources to ensure individuals are well prepared to transition to the workforce. OPCRC is committed to the delivery of quality client-centred programs and services by responding to the employment and career needs of the communities we serve. Emphasis is placed on providing employment and employability activities that support individuals in order to enhance their ability to participate in the labour market. Individuals participate in employment-related activities that respond to their specific needs which can include:


Over the years, Opportunity Place has continued to demonstrate innovative, long term achievement, leadership and organizational excellence.


Opportunity Place employs professional and knowledgeable qualified staff, and is recognized for the high standards of service, while continuing to recognize and address the community’s expectations.


  • Employment Needs Determination

  • Self Service Job Resource Centre

  • Employment Related Workshops

  • Return to Work Action Planning

  • On Going Action Plan Support

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The Employability of Youth and Adults


Goals and Objectives:


  1. Opportunity Place Resource Association clients are appropriately employed as part of a skilled workforce in the region.

  2. Opportunity Place Resource Association is a partner in a community known to be supportive of innovative solutions to employment, underemployment and gaps in the labour market.

  3. Opportunity Place Resource Association is known as a community resource of  excellence

The Board of Directors of the Opportunity Place Resource Association is representative of agencies and community. The board’s focus is around the organization’s future contributions, benefits and effectiveness.